Afternoon Laugh: Conan O'Brien vs. 'Star Wars' Nerds, Netflix's New Feature, and 'RoboCop: The Musical'

Afternoon Laugh: Conan O'Brien vs. 'Star Wars' Nerds, Netflix's New Feature, and 'RoboCop: The Musical'

Feb 19, 2014

Admiral AckbarTalk show host Conan O’Brien cracks us up regularly, but few things have made us laugh as hard as this recent segment he did featuring one of Star Wars’ most beloved fringe characters.

In a part of the show entitled "Fan Correction," viewers can send in a video pointing out mistakes made during a broadcast. One fan, who also loves Star Wars, sends in a clip pointing out that O’Brien had mispronounced the name of Admiral Ackbar in a previous night’s program.

In the words of the admiral himself, it’s a trap! Because Conan settles the debate once and for all by showing a new George Lucas-approved cut of Return of the Jedi wherein Ackbar himself explains his name. Hilarity ensues.

The lesson here? We’ve been pronouncing the good Admiral’s name wrong for all these years, apparently. Oh, and Conan has access to some really awesome alternate versions of Return of the Jedi. Check out the clip below. [via Kotaku]

Netflix announces new browsing-only plan

The guys over at the Onion are well known for not only being hilarious, but often fooling people with their fake news stories. I’m not sure anyone actually fell for this one, but it’s still eerily accurate nonetheless.

In it, the site reports that Netflix has now unveiled a new “Browse Endlessly” plan – wherein subscribers shell out a monthly fee to just flip through the site’s endless catalog of movies you’ve never heard of and television shows you kinda wanted to watch.

As a chronic Netflix browser who spends more time looking at titles than watching them, I’m apparently the target demographic for this new service. Get the full details in this video. [via The Onion]

Revisit RoboCop: The Musical in this classic clip

RoboCop is back in the news after the debut of the cult classic film’s brand new reboot, so there’s probably no better time to revisit this musical interlude from Jon and Al’s RoboCop: The Musical.

The clip originally spent three years on YouTube, where it garnered nearly half a million views. Then it was unceremoniously dumped over what I assume were copyright issues.

Undeterred, Jon and Al took their clip to competing site Vimeo – which is good news, because it means you can once again watch Peter Weller and Nancy Allen perform the touching duet, “Murphy, It’s You." Enjoy. 






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