Funny 'American Ultra' Trailer Turns Jesse Eisenberg Into a Stoner Secret Agent

Funny 'American Ultra' Trailer Turns Jesse Eisenberg Into a Stoner Secret Agent

May 28, 2015

Update: The first red band trailer for American Ultra is now online. Check it out below.

It's surprising with how topical and popular marijuana currently is (recreational use of it is now legal in multiple states!) that we don't see more stoner movies in theaters. That looks to be changing with the emergence of American Ultra, starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg as two stoners whose lives are uprooted when they learn the government wants to wipe them out. 

Of note: The film was written by fan-favorite Max Landis (Chronicle).

Here are the movie's first two posters, along with an image. And in case you didn't think they'd be leaning into the stoner thing too much, well...



American Ultra is due in theaters on August 21, and the presence of these images leads us to believe its first trailer isn't too far behind.

So while we wait to toke out with the first trailer, see if you catch a buzz off our picks for the best all-time stoner movie posters.


The Five Best Stoner Movie Posters Ever, Man

The Classic Stoner


The Cool Stoner


The Trippy Stoner


The Obvious Stoner


The WTF Stoner


What's your favorite stoner movie poster?

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