Full 'Fast & Furious 6' Trailer Has Tanks, Planes and Gina Carano Fighting a Ghost

Full 'Fast & Furious 6' Trailer Has Tanks, Planes and Gina Carano Fighting a Ghost

Feb 05, 2013

There were plenty of fine ads for movies in this year's Super Bowl, but the one that seemed to generate the most buzz was Fast & Furious 6. Unlike the other movies in the running, it had the benefit of being the only one that had yet to have publicly shown any footage, so naturally people gobbled it up. Plus, ending with Vin Diesel driving a car through the nose of a crashing airplane is just plain awesome.

But there's only so much story you can pack into a single commercial break. That's where today's first full trailer for the film comes into play. Universal is calling this an "extended first look," and the studio certainly means it since this trailer clocks in at a beefy three minutes and 22 seconds. It does have us wondering, though, what the "second look" is going to show us considering it seems to cover the story pretty closely this time around: The Rock is using the U.S. government's deep pockets to recruit fugitive car thieves Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in order to take down a new mercenary who apparently likes to flip over a ton of cop cars with his killer go-kart.

Of course there's more to it than that, but who is really watching the sixth entry in a car racing franchise for its intricate plot machinations? It's all about the characters, the locations and the vehicles, and returning director Justin Lin looks to have dialed everything to 11 for this one. And while all of the vehicular stunt work looks like a ton of fun, perhaps the scene we're most looking forward to is ghost Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano fighting hand to hand on the subway. What about you?

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