Full 'Dredd' Trailer Offers Lots of Bullets and an Angry Karl Urban

Full 'Dredd' Trailer Offers Lots of Bullets and an Angry Karl Urban

Jun 21, 2012

Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

Update: The full trailer is available below.


Looks kind of like The Raid, but not as violent. Lots of stylized action, as well as Karl Urban doing his best Christian Bale-as-Batman voice, but is that enough? Does this have what it takes to kick-start a franchise? What do you think?

Dredd hits theaters on September 21st.

10-second teaser write-up from yesterday ...

We’re not huge fans of the “teaser trailer for a trailer” phenomenon that seems to be sweeping Hollywood (do we really learn anything from 10 seconds of incoherent and largely out of context visual footage?), but since they’re part of the current entertainment landscape, we’ll gladly pass them along for those of you who do love them.

The latest is a clip for the upcoming Dredd, a new attempt to bring the popular comic book character Judge Dredd to the big screen. Sylvester Stallone tried this back in 1995 – with mostly disastrous results – but we’re holding out some hope for the new version. In this updated take, Karl Urban dons the helmet and dishes out justice in Mega City One.

It’s hard to get much of a feel for the film based on this tiny clip – but what we can tell is that it has lots of action and Urban appears to make a decent Dredd. Fans who were concerned that Mega City One looked a little too “modern” in the production photos will probably feel the same way after seeing this footage – if they can actually see anything amidst all the hyper cuts and explosions and shell casings.

Perhaps we’ll have a better idea of what Dredd looks like when the official trailer debuts tomorrow – but until then, tide yourself over with this teaser clip and let us know what you think by posting in the comment section below. Dredd shoots its way into theaters on September 21st. 

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