Fujifilm Will Stop Making Cinema Film in 2013

Fujifilm Will Stop Making Cinema Film in 2013

Sep 17, 2012

Fuji logoPound another nail into the coffin of movies shot on real film…

News emerged late last week that Japanese film company Fujifilm will stop production on the vast majority of its movie film products beginning in March 2013. The reason? They can’t effectively compete with digital any longer.

The proliferation of digital movie cameras – and almost exponential increase in the quality of what they can shoot in each new hardware iteration – has spurred many studios and filmmakers into making the jump to the digital format. The result of this transition is the death of traditional film as we know it – much to the chagrin of cinematographers, directors and film enthusiasts.

The end of film has become a highly charged issue in film circles, with purists clinging to the format’s ability to create a more natural and vibrant experience when compared to its digital counterpart. The arguments are similar to the ones that crop up in the vinyl LPs versus CD debates – and unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though film will fare any better than records did in the end.

Fuji will continue to make film for traditional photo cameras and is not leaving the movie industry entirely – they’ll still offer a wide variety of lenses for filmmakers and on-set color management system will continue to exist. That being said, if you’re looking to shoot your next project on 35mm Fujifilm, start stocking up now – it’s going to be a lot harder to find by next spring. 

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