Watch What Disney's 'Frozen' Might Look Like As a Broadway Musical

Watch What Disney's 'Frozen' Might Look Like As a Broadway Musical

Feb 11, 2014

It's all anyone wants to talk about, really, now that Disney's Frozen has become a monster success at the box office and with fans worldwide. So then when, exactly, are we getting that Broadway musical? How long do we have to wait before we can take our Frozen-addicted kids to watch their new favorite Disney characters perform those wonderful songs live onstage? While chances are we'll get a Frozen sequel before a Broadway musical, we didn't have to wait long at all to get a tease of what a live performance of Frozen might look like.

To celebrate the film's success, Disney staged a live performance this past Sunday night featuring the film's main cast members, Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Josh Gad (Olaf) and Santino Fontana (Hans). They weren't in costume or anything, but they did all show up to belt out the songs many of us have already memorized, giving us a chance to see what it looks like when the faces behind the animated voices are put front and center. 

We imagine Disney recorded the entire evening and will either feature it on the Frozen DVD/Blu-ray and/or release it as its own thing, but for now we have these brief, tantalizing clips showing us just how great this thing sounds when it's performed live.

Which would you rather see first: a Frozen musical or a sequel? 



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