See What Anna from 'Frozen' Might Look Like in Real Life

See What Anna from 'Frozen' Might Look Like in Real Life

Jun 06, 2014

If you've seen one set of crazy anime makeup eyes, you've seen them all — but there's something extra freaky about this anime Frozen cosplay from Twitter user Urihcim. She wanted to transform Disney's musical fantasy blockbuster into a Japanese animation character and so far photos of her attempts have over 13,000 retweets.

After America, the tale about a fearless princess on an epic journey (and her mountain man, reindeer and snowman sidekicks) was the most popular worldwide in Japan, where it grossed $205.9 million, earning the top spot at the country's box office for 12 consecutive weekends. Anna and Elsa have been a popular idol for girls big and small everywhere, so naturally she should be the subject of an anime makeover.

Will those extra-large eyes ever stop creeping us out? Probably not — but since it's for Elsa, we'll try to deal. [Spotted via Kotaku]





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