Watch Two Scenes from 'Frozen' That Weren't in the Movie

Watch Two Scenes from 'Frozen' That Weren't in the Movie

Feb 20, 2014

As we inch closer to the debut of Frozen on home video (March 18, y'all), we can almost feel the anticipation smacking us upside the head with each passing day. (Wait, no, that's just my kid throwing her stuffed Olaf doll at me after I forgot to preorder the Blu-ray. Nevermind.) Alas, this is something the children of the world are desperately waiting for, and today we get a taste of what that DVD/Blu-ray will house in these two deleted scenes.

Those who already own the Art of Frozen book will be familiar with this first deleted scene, which has a few pieces of art featured in the book. This was a scene meant to reveal more of the Anna/Elsa sisterly relationship prior to Elsa's leaving to go become some isolated ice queen in the snowy mountains. As the filmmakers reveal, however, this was cut because they felt that once the girls were divided, they should remain divided.

Check it out below.


And here's an alternate scene where Kristoff meets Anna for the first time. 


You want more? Yeah, you want more. Here's a bonus clip discussing the original theme and artwork.


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