Adorable 'Frozen' Concept Art Reveals What the Characters Almost Looked Like

Adorable 'Frozen' Concept Art Reveals What the Characters Almost Looked Like

Feb 06, 2014

It's okay to admit that you're totally obsessed with Disney's Frozen. Okay, fine, your kid is totally obsessed with Frozen. Look, we get it. We know. We've been there. And come March 18 when this instant Disney classic finally hits DVD/Blu-ray, parents should be prepared for it to never disappear from their television screen. Just envision a Frozen loop and you screaming "Let it go!" as your kids ask to watch it for the 15th time that day. 

Alas, that release date is still far away, and after you return home from yet another screening of the Frozen sing-along (now in select theaters), you need something to devour. Something to keep you busy until you can watch it again... and again. If that's you, then you'll definitely dig some of these early concept sketches revealing different versions of the characters you've already fallen in love with. Like Elsa with black hair, or Anna with blonde hair, or a Snow Queen based on Bette Midler. 

Check out the art below.

This first image is from artist Claire Keane, who did some exploratory design work on Frozen, revealing this piece of art that features a Snow Queen inspired by Bette Midler. The original title of the film was The Snow Queen before it switched to Frozen. The Snow Queen, of course, is based on the tale of the same name by Hans Christian Anderson. [via io9]

Once they knew which direction they wanted to go with on Frozen, they began creating sketches for Anna Elsa, Olaf, the Trolls and all the other characters, too. Here's a taste of what some of these characters looked like early on, as featured in the terrific book The Art of Frozen.

Anna and Elsa




The Trolls


Do you prefer any of these over the final versions?





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