Look: Disney's 'Big Hero 6' Features at Least One 'Frozen' Cameo

Look: Disney's 'Big Hero 6' Features at Least One 'Frozen' Cameo

Jul 16, 2014

The first full-length trailer for Disney's Big Hero 6 has arrived online this week, injecting a whole lotta adorable straight into Disney Animation's first-ever adaptation of a Marvel comic. Watch it below:

Big Hero 6, which tracks the story of a boy and his robot as they team with local superheroes to defeat evil in the fictional city of San Fransokyo, will mark Disney Animation's first movie since it absolutely took the world by storm with a little picture called Frozen. While it's too early to say whether Big Hero 6 will enjoy the same kind of success as Frozen has over the past several months, we can confirm that Frozen characters will make at least one cameo in the upcoming movie, due in theaters on November 7.

A closer inspection of the new trailer briefly reveals a "wanted" poster behind the police officer when Hiro and his trusty robot Baymax are down at the police station. 


You'll notice that when the officer slides his chair away, this wanted poster pops into view. 


And who is on that wanted poster? Why it's Hans!

Unfortunately we can't make out what he's wanted for, though this nerdy little cameo does confirm that at the very least Frozen and Big Hero 6 exist in the same universe. Of course, some believe all of Disney's movies (and Pixar's movies, too) exist in the same universe, and Disney definitely does not shy away from that theory.

In Frozen, you can spot cameos from Tangled's Rapunzel and Flynn, as well as a brief shot of the candy featured in Wreck-It Ralph.


Will Hans' face on a wanted poster be the only nod to Frozen in Big Hero 6? You'll have to wait till November to find out.


[hat tip to Perez Hilton for the pics]




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