'Frozen' Will Get a Broadway Musical Before a Big-Screen Sequel

'Frozen' Will Get a Broadway Musical Before a Big-Screen Sequel

Apr 23, 2014

Ever since Disney's Frozen turned into this phenomenon that has now placed it among some of the highest grossing movies of all time, fans have been eager to learn what's next, especially in an age where almost every successful movie immediately gets a sequel. Things are different with Frozen, though, because it was really the ridiculously catchy songs that turned it into a hit, and if you look back at Disney Animation's track record when it comes to its musical movies (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast), none of them have gotten straight-up, big-screen sequels. Instead, we saw straight-to-DVD sequels and Broadway musicals.

If we go by Disney chief Alan Horn's recent comments, it would appear they're not changing that format for Frozen. He said earlier this week that all efforts have been placed on bringing Frozen to Broadway and that there have been no talks regarding a sequel. That being said, Disney knows how much fans love these characters, and so we could definitely see a short film or a TV special to hold the kids over till Anna and Elsa arrive on Broadway.

Or you can just hit up YouTube for all sorts of adorable fan-made re-creations, like this one.


When they do arrive on Broadway, will we see the original cast reprise their roles? Definitely expect Disney to lock down Broadway star Idina Menzel to return as Elsa, and considering everyone else--from Kristen Bell (Anna) to Josh Gad (Olaf)-- have previous Broadway experience, chances are good we'll see the cast reunite at least initially until other movie projects draw them away.

Are you excited for a Frozen musical? Would you rather see a sequel come out first? What say you, Frozen fanatics?

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