From Hogwarts to Gotham, Here's a Map of Your Favorite Movie Locations

From Hogwarts to Gotham, Here's a Map of Your Favorite Movie Locations

Jun 17, 2014


Welcome to Wondernode. The detailed map displays locations of all your favorite movies in the real world. If you've ever wondered where the most popular films are set and how to visit Harry Potter's Hogwarts or the real Gotham, then Wondernode will be your new best friend.
Creators Will Samari, Ray Yamartino and Rafaan Anvari compiled the map using references from IMDb, Wikipedia, fan pages and interview snippets that revealed location info. We don't want to spoil your adventure, so dig into the map, and find your favorite filmic haunts. Take note explorers: "Some labels are not fictional, and some are not places. Some locations, such as Bedrock and Nemo's anemone are educated guesses. Some places are just silly. Some, like Springfield are probably disputed, but if you research a bit you will hopefully come to the same conclusions as we did." Also, places shot on sets have been excluded.
What movie map points are missing from this list that you'd love to see charted? [Spotted via Design Taxi]




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