Watch: 'From 1994' Will Make You Cry in Just Five Minutes

Watch: 'From 1994' Will Make You Cry in Just Five Minutes

Jan 06, 2014

If you’re like most people scouring the Internet, you’re probably skeptical of headlines that promise a certain video will be the most ______ ever. Most of the time it’s hit bait, but every now and then a clip will come along that blinds you with tears.

We told ourselves we wouldn’t cry while watching a new short from directors Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger — and then we sobbed like babies. “What you say to a loved one if you only had one chance to say it all?" the tagline asks us. “From 1994 seeks to answer this along with the importance of remembering those who we've lost in our lives.” The film is dedicated to Warren’s parents as well, so arm yourself with a box of tissues before watching now that you have that real-life connection in the back of your mind.

I think what we appreciate most about the movie is the ending. It’s not as feel-good as you think it will be. When the actress playing the mother turns for one last look at her beloved son, there’s an expression of uncertainty, fear and, yes, hope — feelings we can all relate to at any given time in our lives. Let us know if you appreciate the five-minute movie as much as we did.

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