Sexy French Girls Are Not What They Seem in Fun Teaser for 'Frogz Legz'

Sexy French Girls Are Not What They Seem in Fun Teaser for 'Frogz Legz'

Aug 09, 2012

It might be best to watch this video with no explanation whatsoever. After all, that's what director Corin Hardy clearly wants, having uploaded it to YouTube with the enticing but cryptic title "Sexy French Girl WTF!!" But for those who require a little backstory, this is a teaser for Frogz Legz, a cheeky horror movie about English students on a foreign-exchange program in a small French town whose sexy female population are all secretely were-frogs.

Yes, were-wrogs. Let's just let the teaser, which Twitch Film alerted us to, sell it.

Warning, this is debatably NSFW. There's no nudity, but there is some foul language, and it might be awkward to explain if a movie-hating coworker walks by right after you press play.

A movie where sexy French girls turn into frogs and try to mate with unsuspecting men? Sign us up. Yes, that's silly. Very, very silly. But it's our kind of silly. We are perpetually nostalgic for a time (mainly the late '80s and early '90s) when a movie like Frogz Legz would have made perfect sense in a big VHS clamshell case on a shelf at your local Mom and Pop video store, so we're really hoping that Hardy (a veteran of music videos) and writer Tom de Ville (Hammer Films' currently-filming The Quiet Ones) get this project off the ground and in front of our eyes sooner rather than later.

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