The Friday Rent: Support Sandra Bullock's Tough Side

The Friday Rent: Support Sandra Bullock's Tough Side

Mar 19, 2010

Sandra Bullock just won on Oscar for The Blind Side the day after she won a Razzie for All About Steve. Can’t we let America’s sweetheart savor her victory before the rug is pulled out from under her? Apparently not, since husband Jesse James’s alleged affair with tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee was reported everywhere after In Touch broke the story, forcing Bullock to cancel appearances and leave the home she shares with Mr. Motorcycle. James has since issued a half-hearted apology to People, but no one has heard from Sandy.

Although she is most known for light romantic comedies, Blu-ray Bob thought it best, given the circumstances, to highlight the roles showing Bullock’s tougher side.

Demolition Man: Bullock plays Lieutenant Lenina Huxley, a police officer fascinated with the violence of the 20th century, as she works in a restrictive yet pacifist society circa 2032. When a criminal (Wesley Snipes) escapes from his cryogenic prison where he has been since 1996, Bullock suggests thawing out convicted cop Sylvester Stallone to even the odds.

Speed: Sandy shot to stardom opposite Keanu Reeves in this action classic by playing a resilient passenger who must take over driving a city bus after the driver is shot. When it’s discovered that a terrorist rigged the bus with a bomb, she has to keep the speed over 50 mph or the bus and its passengers will go bye-bye.

Speed 2: Cruise Control: This time Sandy is paired with Jason Patric instead of Keanu Reeves and finds herself onboard a cruise ship that has been rigged by a diamond thief to collide with an oil tanker.

Practical Magic: Bullock and Nicole Kidman play sister witches with an unfortunate family curse—any men they fall in love with die. Jesse, better hope life doesn’t imitate art….

The Net: In this 1995 pre-Facebook thriller, Bullock plays a software engineer who works from home and has few friends outside of cyberspace. When her cyberpal is killed in a plane crash after sending her a program to decode, Sandy’s life becomes a nightmare as she is wrapped up in computer espionage and given a new identity with a police record. This time, it’s not her husband out to get her.

A Time to Kill: Bullock plays a gutsy young lawyer who comes up with some good leads in this courtroom drama based on John Grisham’s first novel. Did you hear that, Jesse? Your wife knows her way around a courtroom.

Murder By Numbers: Sandy is a tough cop who investigates two brilliant high school students who think they have committed the perfect murder.

Fire on the Amazon: Sandy plays an activist who gets her freak on in the jungle with a photographer hot for a story and, apparently, Miss Congeniality. The low-budget stinker contains the only “nude” scene of Bullock’s career, which she performed wearing strategically placed duct tape. Attention Jesse James: this flick might be your last fleeting look at what you lost.

Crash: If you believe this movie, everyone in Los Angeles is a verb away from a complete race-related meltdown. The extreme always makes an impression—at least to the Academy—and the film walked away with a Best Picture trophy. Here Bullock plays the irritated and pampered wife of a district attorney (Brendan Fraser) who gets mugged at gunpoint. The experience understandably rattles her and makes her put up her guard for everyone. Relax, Sandy…things will look up soon.

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