The Geek Beat: Free Comic Book Day Is For Movie Lovers, Too!

The Geek Beat: Free Comic Book Day Is For Movie Lovers, Too!

May 05, 2017

Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner, falling as it always does on the first Saturday in May -- and just like in previous years, it’s kind of a big deal.

The annual celebration of comics -- and the ability to get a pile of good ones for the low, low price of nothing at all -- has become quite the tradition at a lot of comic shops around the world. With piles of free comics from a wide range of creators and publishers, often paired with family-friendly events that bring young readers and longtime fans together, Free Comic Book Day is right up there among the best days of the year for comic fans of all kinds.

While superhero fare is always a big draw, Free Comic Book Day also offers up a fair share of comics that might appeal to fans of other media, too. While this year’s crop of comics is a bit lighter than usual on fare for movie fans, there are still some key issues you’ll want to grab on your visit to the shop.


James Cameron’s Avatar / Briggsland

With not one but four sequels to James Cameron’s Avatar currently in the works along with a massive theme park, it seems worthwhile to get reacquainted with the alien adventure that remains the highest-grossing movie of all time worldwide. Dark Horse Comics has a free issue that features a fresh story from the world of Avatar to bring you back into the lush world of Cameron’s blockbuster film.Given that it’s been eight years since Avatar arrived in theaters, we could all probably use a little refresher on the flora, fauna, and history of the planet Pandora.


Keyser Soze / The Rift

Yes, you read that correctly. The iconic villain from The Usual Suspects is getting his own comic. The story promises to feature an early tale from the infamous Keyser Soze’s early years, and given how much of his past is shrouded in mystery, it’s hard to know what to expect from the comic. If that’s not enough to make this an interesting pick-up on Free Comic Book Day, the issue also includes an introduction to The Rift, a time-travel series from the production company of Academy Award nominee (and The Avengers actor) Jeremy Renner.


Wonder Woman #1 Special Edition

Warner Bros. Pictures’ Wonder Woman movie hits theaters soon, and DC Comics has timed things pretty well with the relaunch of a new series featuring the famous superheroine. Bestselling author Greg Rucka and artist Nicola Scott team up for this revised origin story for Wonder Woman that offers a fresh introduction to the iconic character and lets you jump on the comics bandwagon before her solo film hits theaters.


All New Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Marvel Comics is wisely accompanying the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with a new series featuring the motley team of intergalactic heroes doing what they do best: fight, argue, and save the universe. Longtime Deadpool writer Gerry Dugan co-writes the series, which takes the team back to its early days and their first encounter with the cosmic peacekeeping organization known as the Nova Corps. The issue also features a preview of the new comic series The Defenders, which assembles the same team featured in the Netflix series of the same name.


Star Trek: The Next Generation - Mirror Broken

Finally, IDW Publishing boldly goes in a new direction with its Star Trek stories, and puts the crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise (yes, the I.S.S.) in the spotlight. The edgy, violence-prone versions of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew from the mirror universe are all about conquering the universe instead of exploring it, and this issue offers a preview of the upcoming Mirror Broken miniseries that explores this alternate dimension where the good guys we know are very, very bad. If you’re looking for a fresh spin on the Star Trek universe, make sure to put this one on your must-grab list when you head to the comic shop.

And there you go, movie-lovers: A few issues you should prioritize on your trip to the comic shop for Free Comic Book Day this weekend. Here’s hoping you get what you’re looking for, and that this will be one of many visits in the years to come!


This week's question: Which free comics are you excited about this year?

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