Fred Armisen Wants to See You Be Serious for 30 Seconds?

Fred Armisen Wants to See You Be Serious for 30 Seconds?

May 25, 2012

In an odd little YouTube activity, Fred Armisen has asked folks to upload videos of them being serious for 30 seconds. This isn't a contest or some sort of elaborate competition, it's just a fun exercise in which Armisen has come up with a set of rules for you to follow, and then asked that everyone share their videos by including the words "Be Serious for 30 Seconds" somewhere in the title.

The rules:

Rule 1: It has to be serious.
Rule 2: It has to be 30 seconds or less
Rule 3: No more than 2 people in it
Rule 4: At least 1 5 second dramatic pause
Rule 5: At least 1 cutaway to an object
Rule 6: Do your best acting
Rule 7: It needs to have a door slamming
Check out the video below for an example from Armisen, and if you find yourself with nothing to do over the holiday weekend, have at it. Let us know if you upload a video and we'll circle back in a week or so and highlight it on the site.
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