Freaky Friday Finds: World's Most Evil Child, 'Breaking Dawn: For Guys,' 'Star Wars,' 'Star Trek,' Spoilers and More

Freaky Friday Finds: World's Most Evil Child, 'Breaking Dawn: For Guys,' 'Star Wars,' 'Star Trek,' Spoilers and More

Nov 18, 2011

It's Friday, which means it's time to let our hair down at headquarters and break out all the weird, freaky stuff we've been hiding from our parents so they don't think we've gone completely mad. Just don't tell anyone you got this from us ...

-- We begin this week with the greatest real-life maniacal laugh from a child in the history of ever. I like the still frame the best, but you can also watch the video to see it happen in real time below.


-- While we're on the subject of maniacal things, Breaking Dawn, Part 1 hits theaters this weekend. Since this franchise is primarily targeted toward tween girls with daddy issues, it's understandable that the dudes out there might be feeling left out. So, in that case, here's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- For Guys. Warning: This video contains partial nudity and no teen vampires, and may be NSFW.

-- Speaking of things dudes might like, here's the gunfight scene from The Matrix set to "Mambo # 5." Snazzy. I knew the one thing this scene always lacked was a tune you want to snap your fingers to.

-- We'll continue our brief Dude Fest with this video of the characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation watching Star Wars.


-- Alright, here's where we go off on a Star Wars tangent, which, today, in honor of Breaking Dawn arriving in theaters, will revolve around the theme of forbidden love. Ooohh controversy! Here's a couple who decided to show off some Jedi-Sith love for their engagement photo shoot, telling a story through photos of a Jedi who happens across a female Darth Maul and falls hopelessly in love with her.

-- Oh, but these aren't the only two Star Wars nuts enjoying a game of "Good Shacking Up with Bad." Here's another couple who skipped the cheesy engagement photos and opted to just go all-out for the actual wedding. He's dressed as Darth Vader and she, of course, is his Slave Leia. This one comes with its own video, complete with Star Wars scroll, music and stormtroopers. (We'll let it slide that, in Star Wars terms, this sort of means he's marrying his own daughter. Oops, did I just spoil something?)

-- Moving on from love to hate ... as in we hate spoilers. Here is a series of posters about spoilers that use curse-words and old-timey propaganda to get the message across.

-- You know who's all into sending messages these days? Kristen Wiig. As part of the Clinton Foundation's Celebrity Division, Wiig has been tasked with coming up with some global warming solutions. Here she is at their latest brainstorming session ...

-- Finally, because of global warming and new technology we may soon be living in a future that's eerily similar to the one featured in the Terminator franchise. To help you get a head-start on conquering the robots once they inevitably rise up, become self-aware and decide they don't need us humans anymore, here's a handy guide on piecing together your own Terminator arm using spare parts lying around the house. You can use it to, ya know, scratch a Terminator's back?


Have a great weekend all!

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