New 'Frankenweenie' Posters Reveal What the Film's Been Hiding

New 'Frankenweenie' Posters Reveal What the Film's Been Hiding

Oct 02, 2012

Frankenweenie has been holding on to a secret. It's not only about a science-minded boy who brings his beloved dog back to life after he's hit by a car. And to say that isn't really a spoiler, either. The larger story makes up the bulk of the movie, it just so happens that the marketing materials for the movie have focused almost entirely on young Victor Frankenstein and his dog, Sparky.

In fact, yesterday when we spoke with screenwriter John August about the film, he asked if it was exactly as we expected, and you could practicaly hear his smile over the phone when we told him it was an even bigger monster movie than we thought it would be. But now that the movie is opening this Friday, Disney is pulling back the curtain a bit on some of the movie's larger elements. 

And again, don't worry; these aren't spoilers, and we're kind of surprised the movie wasn't marketed this way from the beginning. But here's the secret up Tim Burton's sleave... presenting the multiple monsters of Frankenweenie!

 [via Empire]

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