Frank Vincent, Known for 'Goodfellas' and 'The Sopranos,' Passes Away at 78

Frank Vincent, Known for 'Goodfellas' and 'The Sopranos,' Passes Away at 78

Sep 14, 2017

Chicago Overcoat

Stars get all the headlines, in movies as in real life, but it's great supporting players who make it possible for them to shine. His name may not trip off the tongues of most movie fans, but Frank Vincent (above in Chicago Overcoat) was an enormously talented character actor.

His performances rarely drew attention to themselves, yet always bolstered the movies and television shows in which he appeared. Now he has passed away at the age of 78, according to his friend and fellow actor Vincent Pastore (via Variety).

Frank Vincent did not begin acting until 1976, when he debuted in The Death Collector, which also featured Joe Pesci. Vincent and Pesci then appeared together in Martin Scorsese's classic Raging Bull, starring Robert De Niro. Watch a NSFW video below in which a meeting between Pesci and Vincent soon escalates into violence.

Thereafter, Vincent was a regular presence alongside Pesci and De Niro in Scorsese's movies, such as Goodfellas -- where he uttered the immortal "Go home and get your shine box!" (see NSFW video below) -- and Casino.  Vincent, De Niro and Scorsese also voiced characters in the animated Shark Tale.

Vincent also notable appearances in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing and Jungle Fever, James Mangold's Cop Land and many others. But it was on David Chase's HBO series The Sopranos that Vincent probably gained his greatest notoriety.

He portrayed Phil Leotardo, a member of a mob group who eventually rose to become boss of his criminal family and a fierce rival to Tony Soprano. He was fully capable of modulating his ferocious personality to fit the situation, though, as demonstrated in the marvelous clip below.

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