Francis Ford Coppola's Next Movie May Be His Most Ambitious Since 'The Godfather' Trilogy

Francis Ford Coppola's Next Movie May Be His Most Ambitious Since 'The Godfather' Trilogy

May 27, 2013

There were previous reports about Francis Ford Coppola returning to his roots for a decades-spanning film about an Italian-American family, and THR is indicating that the Godfather filmmaker is ready to proceed.
The dramatic saga will take place between the 1930s and 1960s (not unlike The Godfather's 1945 to 1955 time frame) and center on a teen boy and girl's coming-of-age story. The Wrap adds that "dance will be a key element" in the movie. It's hard to say if there will be any crossover with Coppola's previous mob drama, but the familiarity is certainly an exciting prospect.
In a previous interview, Coppola described how his own family and their traditions became the inspiration for his Mafia characters. Note that he mentions some of them were musicians, which makes us wonder about that link to dance and if the new movie will be more biographical than most:
"Although I had no experience or knowledge of the Mafia, in the end, they were just an Italian-American family. I based the film all on my uncles and my relatives. Now, they were musicians, or they were little businessmen or tool and die makers, but they were true first- and second-generation, third-generation Italian-Americans. I used my memories of what it was like in my family. How they sat around the table. How my uncles would get Chinese food. What the family dinner table was like. How my sister would serve and how the uncles would discuss world events. All I did was take another profession of Italian-Americans, which was what my family was like. In acting they call it substitution... All I did was apply what I knew intimately, which was my own family. All that detail, and I just said, 'Oh, the gangsters were probably just like that.'"
While Coppola is busy finishing the screenplay and readying to direct, feel free to speculate on the filmmaker's approach to this new project. His latest films Twixt, Tetro and Youth Without Youth embraced the indie approach, in keeping with Coppola's entrepreneurial spirit, making them more personal in a way. Perhaps his daughter's style has rubbed off on him a little bit. On the other hand, this epic sounds like a potentially massive undertaking with big studio dollars written all over it. And is he making an actual musical or what?
Chime in, below.

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