Watch: Dave Eggers' 'Francis' As a Charming, Creepy Animated Short

Watch: Dave Eggers' 'Francis' As a Charming, Creepy Animated Short

Apr 02, 2014

Francis Animated short

If you’re in the mood for something both charming and spooky, this new animated short film is exactly what you’re looking for.

Francis is an animated adaptation of a creepy campfire story crafted by Dave Eggers on the popular radio program This American Life. It chronicles the mysterious tale of what happens to a young girl named Francis after she takes a boat out onto an isolated lake late at night.


Filmmaker Richard Hickey directed this take on the highly lauded tale, and it’s a perfect complement to Eggers’ story. The animation is excellent, and the whole thing has a scary (but not too scary) vibe that should please both horror fans and those easily frightened alike.

Hickey had over 40 people working alongside him to bring Eggers’ tale to the screen, and the results are excellent. Don’t just take our word for it, though – check out Francis below and let us know what you think.

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