Franchise Flicks: 'Thor 2' Director Chosen, 'Taken 2' Villain Cast and Plot Revealed

Franchise Flicks: 'Thor 2' Director Chosen, 'Taken 2' Villain Cast and Plot Revealed

Oct 14, 2011

If Rutger Hauer and Dennis Hopper had a Serbian love child, it would look something like Rade Serbedzija. The actor — who shone in films like Snatch — has been cast as the villain for the Liam Neeson revenge sequel, Taken 2. The first film found the Irish actor racing across Europe to save his kidnapped daughter from Albanian sex traders. The sequel starts filming in Turkey and France later this month, and will see Neeson's Bryan Mills the kidnapped one this time.

Serbedzija will star as Murad, the father of the first film's slain baddie — thanks to the lethal hands of Mills. Apparently his character is a "vengeful man," who calls all the shots. Murad kidnaps Mills and his wife (Famke Janssen), and this time Mills' daughter (Maggie Grace) is the rescuer. With Mills hostage, we're wondering how the film will showcase all the crazy action and other badassery Neeson displayed in the first film. Will Grace's character have become some kind of skilled martial artist or spy-savvy lady (perhaps trained by dad?) since she was taken? Hopefully the whole thing doesn't play out too ridiculous. You'll be able to find out for sure when the Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen written and Olivier Megaton (wow, what a name) directed pic opens next year on October 5.
In other surprising, but pleasant franchise news, Deadline is reporting that Monster (starring Oscar-winner Charlize Theron) director Patty Jenkins will be helming the Chris Hemsworth sequel, Thor 2. Jenkins has been busy in the television world lately, lending her talents to AMC's The Killing, Entourage, and Arrested Development. It's definitely great to see some superhero directing duties go to a woman. While Jenkins doesn't have a huge filmography to her credit, she's made smart choices — but it's still a bit of a gamble considering she hasn't directed a feature in almost a decade.  Her budget will undoubtedly be smaller than Branagh's, but like the Irish director, her works have been strongly character-driven. Are you digging this choice for the Thor universe?

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