Watch: 'Fraggle Rock' Makes Its Triumphant Return in New Ben Folds Five Video

Watch: 'Fraggle Rock' Makes Its Triumphant Return in New Ben Folds Five Video

Sep 17, 2012

Last we heard, Fraggle Rock was looking to make its triumphant return to pop culture via a big-screen movie a la The Muppets, with New Regency hiring Rango cowriter Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian to write a new script. However, before that happens, it looks like Jim Henson's Fraggles -- originally a television series on an early version of HBO here in the states way back in the '80s -- are inching their way back into the mainstream through other channels, like in this Ben Folds Five music video.

Like the Fraggles, Ben Folds Five are also reuniting, launching a new album (The Sound of the Life of the Mind), with this video debuting the first single off said album, "Do It Anyway". Phil Hodges directs the video, which finds the main Fraggles (including Uncle Traveling Matt) happening upon the recording studio where Ben Folds Five are jamming it out.

No, it's not the most inventive thing we've ever seen, but it does mark a return of the Fraggles (which is awesome no matter the content), and it also features fun, random cameos from Anna Kendrick, Chris Hardwick and Rob Corddry. Stick around till the end to see everyone recite the Fraggle Rock theme song together. 

For those looking to get their Fraggle on even more, FAO Schwarz is currently selling a line of the toys, and we'll update you on that movie as soon as we can. Next year Fraggle Rock turns 30, so we imagine we'll be seeing more of this group soon enough. [via Flavorwire]

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