Fox to Open Its Own Theme Park in 2016, with Attractions Based on 'Alien,' 'Ice Age' and More

Fox to Open Its Own Theme Park in 2016, with Attractions Based on 'Alien,' 'Ice Age' and More

Jul 29, 2013

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If Disney and Universal can have their own successful theme parks, then why not Fox? That’s the question bosses at the company are hoping to answer with today’s reveal that they’ve developed plans for an all new movie-based attraction set to open in Malaysia.

The 25-acre park will be ready to launch in 2016 and will feature attractions built around popular Fox properties like Alien, Life of Pi and Ice Age, according to THR. If 25 rides based on Fox properties isn’t enough to entice you, then maybe the news that the park will also feature an animatronic parade made up of various Fox characters will. Why does this remind me of a Simpsons episode? Oh right, now I remember…

Simpsons itchy and scratchy land

Fox seems confident that its animatronic characters will not suffer any kind of malfunction that makes them attempt to murder the guests, which is good. The studio is also pretty keen on the idea of a second foray (the first was the short-lived Fox Studios Backlot in Australia way back in 1999) into the theme-park arena as Fox Consumer Products boss Jeffrey Godsick reveals below.

“For the first time, audiences will soon be transported into the worlds of their favorite 20th Century Fox properties. Brought to life by our partner Resorts World Genting, this theme park marks the launch of our global location-based entertainment strategy."

The Resorts World Genting mentioned are the owners of the theme park that already sits where Fox’s new location will be. Rather than build from the ground up, Fox will pay around $125 million to renovate the existing park and make it fit its vision.

So, if you’re headed toward Malaysia at some point in 2016, you might have a new stop on your itinerary. What Fox properties do you want to see at this new theme location? Leave us your serious (and hilarious) picks below. 


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