Fox Has Found Its New 'Fantastic Four' Cast

Fox Has Found Its New 'Fantastic Four' Cast

Feb 19, 2014

There's been tons of speculation (some even originating on our end) about the cast for Fox's reboot of Fantastic Four. But barring any broken deals, we now know who they'll all be thanks to the Wrap:

Miles Teller - Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic

Kate Mara - Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman

Jamie Bell - Ben Grimm, aka the Thing

Michael B. Jordan - Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch

We've known about Teller and Jordan for awhile, but this is the first we've been hearing about Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, but unless Bell's deal falls through (apparently he hasn't been given an actual offer yet), it looks like they will indeed be the last names we hear for the roles.

As for everything else we know: Josh Trank (Chronicle) is directing, and the latest version of the script was written by Simon Kinberg (X-Men) and is an adaptation of The Ultimate Fantastic Four, a particular comic series where the heroes are indeed younger. Kinberg, Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) and Gregory Goodman will be producing. The villain has still not been cast, but now that the heroes are all aligned, he or she (there's a rumor they'll gender swap Dr. Doom) won't be far behind.





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