Fox Has Apparently Created a Violent Test Reel for a R-Rated 'Deadpool' Movie

Fox Has Apparently Created a Violent Test Reel for a R-Rated 'Deadpool' Movie

Jan 13, 2012

Thanks to Mark Millar, it's not easy to trust comics insiders who dish about movie news that apparently no one in the movie industry is willing to share. That's mostly because Millar is a boisterous self-promoter and is quite eager to say things like Kick-Ass 2 is still coming despite no indications from anyone else involved with the actual movie. So, take the following news with a grain of salt.

Comic artist Rob Liefeld recently told the crowd at the Arizona Comic Con that he had seen test footage that (presumably) Fox put together for their long gestating Deadpool movie. And according to Liefeld, those 8-minutes of footage left quite the impression. Bleeding Cool shared the quote (and considerably more ACC coverage):


They’ve got a great director on the movie, they’ve got a great script. I may or may have not seen some sort of test of footage that would blow your mind if you saw it and go holy crap and that’s Deadpool in costume. Katana swords, guns, shooting people’s faces off and making me laugh. And I may or may not have seen something that looks just like that. And you’ve got what would amount to the first R Rated X-Men movie. Because that script is R Rated.

They may or may not have wanted to shoot eight minutes to see how it would play. And all I can tell you,  it’s close. It’s closer that it’s even been to going, or going Naaah, that’s too scary a proposition to make a R Rated Deadpool movie.

Of course, one must wonder why this revelation is coming from Liefeld and not the studio or the attached director (Tim Miller) or the attached star (Ryan Reynolds). Yes, he created the character, but was he shown the footage because he's involved with the movie, too? Was it live-action or just an animatic? Whatever the case, he's not clarifying, but we're sure it's more than enough to get Deadpool fans riled up with speculation.

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