Watch: What the Most Mind-blowing Visual Effects of 2013 All Have in Common

Watch: What the Most Mind-blowing Visual Effects of 2013 All Have in Common

Apr 11, 2014

There was a time when knowing who was doing the special effects in a movie mattered. If you heard Stan Winston or Tom Savini was involved, you kind of new what to expect. And then when practical effects started to be replaced by digital effects, the celebrity status of movie magicians kind of died down a bit. Sure, movie geeks know names like Industrial Light and Magic and Weta, but they haven't really penetrated into the pop conscious the way behind-the-scenes crews used to and that's a bit of a bummer.

Of course, part of the problem is that the demands on megabudget movies today means that no movie has just a single company working on its visual effects. Dozens of companies can all work on a single movie, in turn diluting the name-recognition power of any one company (which is part of the reason the VFX industry is in the middle of a bit of a crisis). But, one of the names worth knowing is The Foundry, because it's something all these other companies have in common.

The Foundry is a London-based company that creates a lot of the software that all these companies like ILM and Weta use and it's the Foundry's contributions that have made many of the biggest VFX in recent years possible. Check out its incredible 2014 Showreel and experience about a dozen different "Whoa, it was involved in that?" moments that shows off how many companies are using the Foundry's tools.

And if you didn't see it the last time we posted it, here's a 1988 Entertainment Tonight episode dedicated to special effects. Fat chance we'll ever see the celeb-obsessed show go this behind the scenes ever again.




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