Robert Zemeckis Inspired by Charles Fort for Lovecraftian Adventure Flick

Robert Zemeckis Inspired by Charles Fort for Lovecraftian Adventure Flick

Oct 07, 2011

FORTRobert Zemeckis wants to make a "period Ghostbusters" film that centers on writer and researcher Charles Fort — who happens to have been a pretty big skeptic, despite investigating the strange world of aliens, the occult, and more. Even if you haven't heard of the man, you may have read the Fortean Times, which also hosts an annual "unconvention" for readers.

The recently released Mars Needs Moms wasn't so kind to Zemeckis — who is better known for the Back to the Future series, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Forrest Gump. He also faced rejection with Disney while trying to get his Yellow Submarine remake off the ground, but where those features failed others are starting to seem like strong possibilities — like the Tom Hanks vehicle Major Matt Mason, which hasn't been officially confirmed just yet. Now he can add early twentieth-century weirdness to his roster (in a producer capacity, so far), with Charles Fort, written by Snow White and the Huntsman scribe Evan Spiliotopoulos

The film will be an adaptation of the Dark Horse series (consisting of a whopping four issues), Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained. The books find Fort battling aliens and murderers during turn-of-the-nineteenth-century New York City. Sound Lovecraftian and delicious enough for you? 

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