The Force Is Strong at CES with the Announcement of All Six Star Wars Films on Blu-ray

The Force Is Strong at CES with the Announcement of All Six Star Wars Films on Blu-ray

Jan 06, 2011

Darth Vader came out today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to announce what we all were hoping for: the arrival of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray in September. The nine-disc The Complete Saga will contain all six films and over 30 hours of extensive bonus features. The Star Wars films will also be available in the Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy sets for those that just want one or the other. "The Star Wars Saga is the most anticipated Blu-ray collection since the launch of the high-def format," said Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment President Mike Dunn. "The epic franchise pioneered sound and visual presentation in theaters and is perfectly suited to do it again in the home, with a viewing experience only possible with Blu-ray." This announcement coincides with news of George Lucas converting all six movies to 3D for theaters with The Phantom Menace due in 2012 and rumors of a new trilogy that follows the events in Return of the Jedi.

CES attendees are feeling the Force today, but Star Wars isn't the only news coming out of Las Vegas. Following is what the electronics giants are planning for your home theater in 2011. As Darth Vader says, "Impressive. Most impressive."

Sony is three-dimensional in its vision with the announcement of a portable glasses-free Blu-ray 3D player prototype, new Blu-ray 3D player models, a personal camera that takes 3D pictures and videos that can be played on a 3DTV, and the upcoming launch of 3net—the 24/7 3D channel.

Panasonic is all about its plasma TVs, and they are getting big this year with a 58-inch set that has improved picture quality and deeper blacks. The electronics giant also announced Blu-ray players with Skype functionality to video conference with your friends and family.

Samsung feels smart about Smart TVs and what it calls One-Foot Connection, which allows you to automatically connect a Samsung device to your wireless network by coming within a foot of another connected Samsung device. Samsung also promises more 3DTVs and plasma and LCD screens over 55 inches as well as the world's lightest—and most comfortable—3D glasses designed by Austrian firm Silhouette.

LG announced a Wii-like motion-control remote for those who hate all the cumbersome buttons on a regular remote. The manufacturer is also pushing passive-glasses 3D technology when most of its competitors are using battery-powered active 3D glasses.

Mitsubishi, who have been ahead of the curve and putting out 3DTVs since 2007, introduced a new 3D projector that offers 1080p resolution blown up to a screen size of up to 100 inches. Want to try out that Star Wars Blu-ray now?

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