For Sale: The Real-Life House from Pixar's 'Up'

For Sale: The Real-Life House from Pixar's 'Up'

Jul 08, 2011

If Pixar's Up doesn't win your heart and make you sob, then you have no soul. The 2009 film revolves around a couple's journey of wedded bliss and growing old together. Like many of the animation studio's best features, it's a real doozy on the old heartstrings. The house that Carl and Ellie share – which she dreams about moving to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls – is the cornerstone of the movie, and now a real life Up house is on the market and needs a family to fill it.

Bangerter Homes has built an exact replica of the Pixar dwelling, and they're selling the 2800 square foot abode for $399,000 in Herriman, Utah. The custom home design company got Disney's permission to recreate everything you see in the movie, and the result truly is like stepping into the film – complete with balloons, the garden hose reel, front door, custom mailbox, and weather vane. Some things are the company's own creation since they had a few blanks to fill in – that includes a mural of Paradise Falls, extra space, and a basement. Custom-made furniture as seen in the movie is also included.

One family definitely has a head start on creating a lifetime of unique memories.

Photo Credit: Paul Fraughton, The Salt Lake Tribune



[hat tip to Cinemablend]

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