For Halloween William Zabka Dressed Up As a Skeleton for the First Time Since 'The Karate Kid'

For Halloween William Zabka Dressed Up As a Skeleton for the First Time Since 'The Karate Kid'

Oct 28, 2013

Image courtesy of William Zabka, pictured left

It's no secret around here that we're big fans of the original Karate Kid, and we're also big fans of its villain Johnny, played by William Zabka. The blond-haired badass was one of the go-to actors back in the '80s when your film needed a nasty high school bad guy, but of all the films where he starred as the lead asshat, it's his role in Karate Kid that will forever be his legacy. And what's great about Zabka is he totally embraces that. On Twitter he's constantly interacting with fans regarding his time on the film, and he'll even live-tweet some fun, behind-the-scenes info at random times when the film airs on TV.

This year for Halloween, Zabka took it a step further by dressing up as his own character from the film for the first time since he donned that iconic skeleton costume at the Halloween dance all those years ago. He tweeted a couple of pics from over the weekend, admitting in one of them that he hasn't worn this particular getup since, well...  



Dude loses points for not going all out with the face makeup, but we'll let it slide. You'll remember the skeleton costume from this scene where the gang chases down Daniel after he pranks their leader by spraying him with a hose in the bathroom. Previously Zabka has admitted that one of his kicks to Daniel during this scene landed so hard it left Ralph Macchio with a scar on his lip. The two hugged it out on Twitter not long ago regarding that moment in this scene, and of course we wrote about it.

This isn't the first time Zabka has dressed up as Johnny since the movie, though. He also made a recent guest apparance on How I Met Your Mother wearing a Cobra Kai-esque uniform and the Karate Kid nerds of the world loved every minute of it.

Longtime Zabka groupies will also recall the music video he wrote and directed that spoofed his time in Karate Kid, "Sweep the Leg". Can't overdose on Zabka without sharing this little nugget, too.





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