For a Good Time, Listen to These 'For a Good Time, Call...' Interviews Right Now

For a Good Time, Listen to These 'For a Good Time, Call...' Interviews Right Now

Aug 30, 2012

Out in limited release this weekend is a filthy little comedy called For a Good Time, Call..., which premiered back in January at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and introduced the film world to some great up-and-coming talent hiding just behind Hollywood's Great Wall. Directed by Jamie Travis (who's the twisted mind behind a short we love called The Saddest Boy in the World; watch it below), For a Good Time, Call... stars the underappreciated Ari Graynor and newcomer Lauren Miller (who also cowrote) as two frenemies who decide to share an apartment together and wind up launching a bustling phone-sex operation, with hilarious results.

Featuring a scene-stealing performance from Justin Long and some perfectly timed cameos, here's yet another female-driven comedy that's original, inventive and definitely refreshing. From my Sundance review: "And it's not just funny because it's absolutely filthy. Okay, yes, it's funny because it's absolutely filthy in every conceivable way, but they work that filth like a joke that's dissected and pieced back together in several different forms. This is smart filth; this is a comedy that yanks our insecurities about sex out of the corner closet and forces them to dance in front of thousands. It is female writers and female stars out-filthing even The Hangover, proving that -- heck yeah -- girls can get just as dirty as the guys, and in some cases even dirtier."

Back at Sundance, I had the chance to sit down with director Jamie Travis and chat for awhile about his first feature. Have a listen below...

Also, here's some footage of the cast and Travis talking about how it all came together.

Now you're at that point where you want to see some of the movie, so here's a NSFW clip to keep you busy.

And finally, that short we love, Travis' The Saddest Boy in the World.







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