'Folk Hero & Funny Guy' Promises to Continue Alex Karpovsky's Climb Right Into Your Heart

'Folk Hero & Funny Guy' Promises to Continue Alex Karpovsky's Climb Right Into Your Heart

Nov 05, 2013

We tend to cover all of the major movies coming out of Hollywood that you'd expect to find on a site called, well, Movies.com. But you don't need to have Thor's muscles to get our attention. Not every movie worth talking about is made for millions of dollars as part of some studio's master plan for complete box office domination. In fact, it's often the underdog indie films that appeal to us most, and the latest one to grab our attention is called Folk Hero & Funny Guy. Or, rather, it will grab our attention once it gets made.

Yes, Folk Hero & Funny Guy is yet another film vying for your dollars on Kickstarter, but we do think you'll want to give this one extra-special consideration. For starters, it's the directorial debut of Jeff Grace, one of the producers and stars of last year's subversive disaster movie It's a Disaster. And the first person cast in it is Alex Karpovsky, who fans of HBO's Girls will recognize as Ray, though those among us who don't watch TV will soon see him in the Coen brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis.

It also looks like it has a rather charming plot involving a road trip with a stand-up comedian and his best friend, a much more successful singer. Plus, Folk Hero & Funny Guy has one of the more amusing Kickstarter pitch videos we've seen in a while, and they're very transparent about where the money raised will be spent -- all solid indicators that this is a film that knows what it's doing. Check out the video below, and if it looks good to you, you can consider pledging right here.




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