Movie News: 'Flashdance' Broadway Musical; Michael Fassbender as a Funny Rock Musician; 'Dorothy of Oz' Teaser

Movie News: 'Flashdance' Broadway Musical; Michael Fassbender as a Funny Rock Musician; 'Dorothy of Oz' Teaser

Sep 05, 2012


Jason Clarke: With a face that may be more familiar than his name, Jason Clarke has effectively segued between starring (Showtime TV’s Brotherhood) and supporting (Lawless) roles. He’s now in talks to star as Abraham Lincoln’s father in The Green Blade Rises, a historical drama that will be produced by the very busy Terrence Malick. The story revolves around the future president’s youth; Diane Kruger will play Abe’s stepmother. [Deadline]

Michael Fassbender: Although he has occasionally demonstrated a light touch in his dramatic roles, Michael Fassbender is, frankly, not known at all for his comedic abilities. He hopes to change that with a starring performance as a rock musician in a movie titled Frank. Fassbender will play the leader of an “eccentric rock band” in the comedy, to be directed by Lenny Abrahamson. Domhnall Gleeson, a young actor who may be best known so far as Bill Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, will also star as an aspiring musician. [Showblitz]

Flashdance on Broadway: Mark your calendars for next summer, when you can safely pull out all those ripped sweatshirts in storage. That’s when Flashdance will sing and dance its way to Broadway. The stage version has been in development for years, but the show’s producers say it will definitely trod the Great White Way in August 2013, a little more than 30 years after Jennifer Beals combined the skills of metal welding and sexy dancing to popular appeal. [Arts Beat]

Dorothy of Oz Trailer: With Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful heading to theaters next year, the makers of the animated Dorothy of Oz want to remind you that they’re coming, too. The new teaser provides a very colorful and decidedly different look at the magical land of Oz, featuring an all-star cast led by Glee’s Lea Michele, and narrated by Patrick Stewart. [Screen Rant ]

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