Watch: The First-Ever 'Star Wars' Fan Film and a Version of 'Episode VII' from 1991

Watch: The First-Ever 'Star Wars' Fan Film and a Version of 'Episode VII' from 1991

Feb 20, 2013

Over the years the Star Wars movies have inspired countless fan-made films to be created in the basements, living rooms, backyards and office buildings of the franchise's biggest fans. The popularity of these do-it-yourself movies has grown to the point that Lucasfilm and AtomFilms actually helped organize an annual Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge beginning in 2002, with awards being given out at San Diego Comic-Con each year.

The first-ever Star Wars fan film to gain any kind of notoriety came only seven months after Star Wars: A New Hope hit theaters. Titled Hardware Wars, the film was written and directed by Ernie Fosselius and is basically just a straight spoof of the original movie, utilizing various items found around the house as props. Apparently George Lucas once went on record saying this is his favorite Star Wars parody. Check it out below...

Fast forward to 1991 and fans were getting anxious for a sequel to Return of the Jedi. Lucas didn't begin to shovel out his three prequels until 1999, and an actual Episode VII wasn't announced until 2012. So kids in 1991 wanted to make sure they got their own version of Episode VII on record by filming this fan film titled Star Wars Episode VII: The Quest for Peace, which fortunately has no ties to the very real (and very awful) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace that came out in theaters four years earlier.

The story of this particular fan film [via GeekTyrant] is a weird one. What began as a more serious film turned real silly when a large chunk of the audio was lost and then dubbed over in 2003. That leaves you with a straight-up parody for about 22 minutes of the 32-minute movie before the audio reverts back to its more dramatic origins.

Will either of these turn out to be more entertaining than J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Wars sequel? God we hope not, but in case you're curious fans are already parodying that movie too, even though it doesn't exist yet.

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