Watch: The First On-screen Kiss, Recorded by Thomas Edison in 1896

Watch: The First On-screen Kiss, Recorded by Thomas Edison in 1896

Feb 14, 2013

Though some mistake another famous Thomas Edison-shot kiss as being the first ever on-screen kiss, it is instead this one, shot in 1896 and featuring Canadian actress May Irwin, that is history's first on-screen kiss. Filmed in New Jersey at Black Maria studio, the 23-second silent film is not only groundbreaking for its time (in that kissing in public was not cool in any way), but it also further proves the marketing genius of Thomas Edison, who knew he had to shoot some crazy stuff to get people interested in his little inventions (you can count strippers and boxing cats among his other critically acclaimed directorial vehicles).

The kiss itself is kind of awkward -- he looks like he's trying to chew her lips at the end -- but, ya know, it's Valentine's Day and all, so we thought this might make good date conversation, minus the while lip chewing. Please don't chew anyone's lips tonight. 

[brainpickings via Gizmodo]

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