First Official Pic of Naomi Watts as Princess ‘Diana’; ‘21 Jump Street 2’ Moving Forward

First Official Pic of Naomi Watts as Princess ‘Diana’; ‘21 Jump Street 2’ Moving Forward

Jul 06, 2012


Princess Diana: The first official image from Diana has been released (above; photo credit: Laurie Sparham), showcasing an elegantly-dressed Naomi Watts as the late British princess. Formerly titled Caught in Flight, the film covers the last two years of her too-short life. Oliver Hirschbiegel is directing; he previously helmed Downfall, about Adolph Hitler’s final days, so he certainly knows a thing or two about the relative importance of historical accuracy. [Coming Soon]

Rumor Patrol: Previously we’d heard from 21 Jump Street star Jonah Hill that he and co-writer Michael Bacall were working on a script for a sequel, and now Channing Tatum, AKA Magic Mike (and the other star of the big-screen version of the TV show), jumped on Twitter to say that he and Hill “are working on it.” We’re still awaiting official word, but at least it’s been confirmed that both Tatum and Hill want to return to the crazy world of comedic law enforcement. [Cinema Blend]

Third Act Trouble: At least three movies about WikiLeaks are in the works, but the ever-changing story has posed unique challenges for the studios and filmmakers involved. To begin with, it’s a detailed, evolving narrative - unanswered legal questions about founder Julian Assange - only complicate matters. Of the three projects, a documentary by Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room) is the only one in production; it’s nearing completion, no matter how real-life events turn out. [Wall Street Journal via Vulture]

Bourne 4: A new international poster for The Bourne Legacy, due out next month, keeps the focus on Jeremy Renner, this time armed and dangerous on a rooftop. The poster also very clearly sells the film as the fourth installment in the series, which domestic materials have only hinted at. [Latino Review]

The Bourne Legacy

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