Meet the First Man Who Played 'Godzilla' in This Monstrous New Web Series

Meet the First Man Who Played 'Godzilla' in This Monstrous New Web Series

Sep 27, 2012

GodzillaSome of my fondest childhood memories involve Sunday afternoons sitting on the couch watching Japanese monster movies on a local Pittsburgh television station. I was familiar with Godzilla, Gamera and King Ghidora before I knew Darth Vader or Bruce the mechanical shark, and I’ve harbored a very special fondness for those films (which fans refer to as “Kaiju Eiga” – which means “monster movie”) throughout my entire adult life.

While I’m hardly an authority on the topic of giant rubber-suited monsters from the Land of the Rising Sun, I do know enough to recognize that a recent online Web series from Gaijin Channel chronicling the traditional Japanese special FX films is a pretty cool thing. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of Ultraman to be interested in the behind-the-scenes FX of these films.

The channel, who has partnered up with SciFi Japan TV, has released their latest piece – and it should be exciting for anyone who grew up loving Godzilla. The newest 11-minute installment in the series catches up with Haruo Nakajima – the original Godzilla. Nakajima had a long and distinguished career in monster movies (many consider him the best suit actor in the Godzilla franchise’s history) and if you ever wondered what the man underneath the rubber was like, this will answer your questions definitively.

Nakajima clearly relished his time as the fire-breathing savior of Earth – and has countless stories to share about the creation of the films, the Japanese film industry, and all sorts of other topics. If you grew up loving watching men destroy Balsa wood miniatures of downtown Tokyo, you’re gonna want to check out not only this clip, but the rest of the series.

So, catch the Nakajima interview below, then be sure to swing by the Gaijin Channel’s YouTube page for even more goodies.

[via Japan Today]

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