First Look at Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' is Full of '80s Nostalgia

First Look at Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' is Full of '80s Nostalgia

Jul 14, 2017

Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg is heading to Comic-Con next week to discuss and give a sneak peek at his upcoming adaptation of Ready Player One. The highly anticipated sci-fi movie is set in the future but will deal in topics relevant today, such as virtual reality (VR), net neutrality and '80s nostalgia. Entertainment Weekly snagged a first-look photo of Ready Player One for their Comic-Con preview issue, and it's at least filled with some of that last element. 

Inside the magazine, there are some details about the movie, most of which you'll know if you've read Ernest Cline's novel. That's Tye Sheridan in the pic below as our hero, Wade Watts -- "Parzival" in the virtual online world of the OASIS. And while he does look like he's reprising his role as Cyclops in the X-Men movies, that's a VR visor on his face, which with his haptic gloves give him entry and navigation into the alternate cyber environment.

Check out the image here via EW's Twitter: 


The OASIS provides, well, an oasis for most of the people of the future, whose lives are otherwise miserable. They have one man to thank for this VR world: James Halliday (Mark Rylance), who EW describes as Steve Jobs meets Willy Wonka. He recently died and left a game for the OASIS users of the world: solve all the riddles, find all his Easter eggs and win ownership of the OASIS itself. Unfortunately, an evil corporation is interested in taking the prize and charging high rates for its use.

EW also has a gallery zooming in on some of the Easter eggs and other details to be found in this one single photo. There are newspapers and magazines featuring Halliday, a He-Man lunchbox, and some Garbage Pail Kids and Garfield stickers on the wall. Readers of the book will also recognize the van itself as Parzival's hideout for his OASIS gear and his use of it, the batteries and stationary bike he uses to power the gear up. The only other details include a lot of candy and junk food wrappers strewn about.

We'll likely be seeing more from the movie in San Diego next week. And we'll get to see the whole thing when it's released on March 30, 2018. 




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