First Look at 'Warm Bodies': Is This the Zombie Version of 'Twilight'?

First Look at 'Warm Bodies': Is This the Zombie Version of 'Twilight'?

Nov 02, 2011

If you asked director Jonathan Levine whether his adaptation of the novel Warm Bodies was the next Twilight, he'd say no way. In fact, that's exactly what he told us over the summer when we asked him that question -- but more on that in a minute. First, here's the first piece of art from Warm Bodies, unveiled online today.

Yes, it immediately reminds you of Twilight (especially since Summit is the same studio behind both movies) -- with the pretty human girl and the teenage zombie she's in love with -- but what's interesting about this image is that they seem to be reversing things, with the girl protecting the monster instead of the monster protecting the girl.

And about those comparisons to Twilight, Levine told us the following: "The only thing I know about Twilight is I've seen a few of them and ... I understand why people like them, but they're not for me," he told "I understand why people like them, though, and I think elements of them are really interesting and great. That's not the movie we're trying to make here. What we're trying to make here is very different, very unique -- the tone is a little more ballsy, I think. Yes it's still a romance, but it has more elements of humor; it's got cynicism and irony and cultural commentary. It's just smart. That's what appeals to me about it." Read more of his comments right here.

Check out a synopsis for Warm Bodies (the novel) below (via Amazon), and the first Twilight poster for comparison's sake.

"R is a zombie, but R is so much more. He certainly looks the part with his trademark gait and rotting flesh. Sure he loves to munch on human brains as much as the next dead guy, but something is changing inside. He just met this human girl named Julie on a hunting raid and instead of eating her, he's decided to save her life and hide her from his friends. In this post apocalyptic world where zombies prey on human survivors, this is certainly a no-no. But R can't help himself. Julie is causing him to do something he didn't know he was capable of doing: to feel. For the first time in his death R has found a reason to live."



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