'Leprechaun Origins' Trailer Brings Back the '90s Horror Icon

'Leprechaun Origins' Trailer Brings Back the '90s Horror Icon

Jun 10, 2014

Leprechaun Origins

On the list of horror’s least scary villains, Warwick Davis’ title character in the Leprechaun films rates right near the top. The evil little imp was often more funny than terrifying – a fact that was always a disappointment for me because it felt like the character could have been frightening in the right hands.

Maybe the character will get his chance to terrify in the upcoming reboot Leprechaun Origins, which is backed by Lionsgate and WWE Studios. This new trailer for the film doesn’t have a single laugh in it, which is a promising sign, at least.

The setup should look familiar to anyone who’s seen a horror film in the past three decades: Young Americans head to an isolated locale to do their thing (Ireland, in this case), and before you know it something’s picking them off one by one.

WWE star Hornswoggle plays the title character, but he’s strangely absent from the clip – which was a surprise, because we fully expected he’d be front and center as the selling point of the film. While calling the character an “icon” (something the trailer does) is generous, this clip really does appear to reimagine the Leprechaun and take him in a new and more unsettling direction. This may be damning Leprechaun: Origin with faint praise, but we expected this thing to be a trainwreck. Instead, it looks like it will probably just be another middle-of-the-road slasher flick.

Check out the trailer below, then prepare to discover the origins of the Leprechaun when the film hits VOD on August 26. [via YouTube]



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