The First Full Avatar Trailer, One Night of Twilight and Damon Gets Gritty

The First Full Avatar Trailer, One Night of Twilight and Damon Gets Gritty

Oct 30, 2009

  • Avatar And Now with More Story The new 3-minute trailer for the $200 million-plus budgeted Avatar brings action overlaid with a swelling soundtrack, James Cameron’s goofy dialog, more blue people and a semblance of story not found in the teaser. Fanboys are raving. Me? Meh.
  • Paranormal Activity Unreal Paranormal Activity just surpassed The Blair Witch Project in the category of Most Profitable Film Ever with a reported 433,900% return on investment, grossing $65 mil in a couple of weeks on a sub-$15,000 budget. Take that, James Cameron!
  • Twilight Kristen and Robert’s One-Nighter Get ready, Twi-tards. The gimmick gurus at Summit thought sending the cast on a cross-country mall tour would be a great idea, and now they’re unleashing Twilight again for one night only, Nov. 19, in select theaters. Hopefully not mine.
  • Matt Damon Cowboy Up The Coen brothers remake of the classic Western True Grit, for which John Wayne won his only Oscar, sounds marginally less like heresy now that Matt Damon and Josh Brolin are this close to joining Jeff “The Dude” Bridges in it.
  • Chippendale's Show…boys? Director Tony Scott is attached to direct a biopic of the guy who created Chippendales, got super rich, went bats*** crazy, and died in jail. A sleazefest must-see for the bods and big hair alone!

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