Watch 'The Story of the Kelly Gang', the World's First Feature Film

Watch 'The Story of the Kelly Gang', the World's First Feature Film

Oct 01, 2012

Story of the Kelly gang still photo

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, film buffs can now check out 14 minutes of the 1906 silent film The Story of the Kelly Gang.

The 1906 Australian film is a piece of cinema history – it was the longest narrative film in the world at that point in time, running over 60 minutes in total. Unfortunately, much of that footage has been lost over the years, but the newly put together 14-minute clip will give you an idea of what movies were like back at the dawn of the 20th century.

The Story of the Kelly Gang was based on the real-life exploits of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly. Kelly was executed for his crimes 26 years before the film’s debut, but that seems to have worked in the production’s favor – the story was still fresh enough in the public’s mind that the movie went on to make over 25,000 pounds on a 1,000-pound budget. For an early silent feature, the title is surprisingly well-crafted. While there’s no sound on the clip, the scene setups and compositions are fairly complex for something made so long ago.

While not everyone will have the patience to sit through an old silent movie, we recommend giving this one a shot – it’s not only well done, but an important piece of movie history. Check out The Story of the Kelly Gang below.

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