First Dr. Conrad Murray Movie will Be a TV Documentary

First Dr. Conrad Murray Movie will Be a TV Documentary

Nov 08, 2011

It was a big, sensational murder trial featuring one of the world's greatest entertainers as the victim, and so naturally no one is done telling this story yet. Now that it has an ending -- with Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, found guilty of involuntary manslaughter -- all that's left is to get the man's sentence later this month and then obsess over all the little details that brought us to this point. TMZ reports the first "movie" to come out of this particular story will be a documentary called Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship.

The doc, which followed Murray as he was out on bail preparing for his trial, will be distributed by Zodiac Rights, who have already negotiated deals with major broadcasters around the world, including NBC, who will air the doc in the United States. No word yet on when that will be (probably timed closer to Murray's sentencing, as that's when folks will be interested in this case again).

Will the Conrad Murray story go beyond a television documentary and become its own made-for-TV/DVD movie? Still a little too early to tell, but since anything related to Michael Jackson makes money, it wouldn't surprise us to see more Murray-related content hit the airwaves soon.

Check out a preview of the doc below ...

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