First 'The Revenant' Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio Fights a Bear and Tom Hardy

First 'The Revenant' Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio Fights a Bear and Tom Hardy

Jul 17, 2015

Alejandro González Iñárritu's follow-up to Birdman popped up in the news earlier this year when it was learned that one of its stars, Tom Hardy, had to drop out of taking a major role in Suicide Squad because the shoot on The Revenant was taking much longer than originally expected. And the reason it was taking longer is because Iñárritu insisted on filming it in the actual remote wilderness using no artificial lighting, only whatever nature allowed for that day.

As you can tell from the first stunning trailer for it, it was well worth the challenge.

Inspired by a true story, The Revenant tells of explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is attacked by a bear and then left for dead by John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) and their hunting party. Fueled by the betrayal and a desire to see his family again, Glass then fights through the American wilderness to get back his life.

That cast and that plot alone should already have you interested, so this first teaser trailer is going to make the wait for the December 25, 2015 release of The Revenant much, much harder. And if you're the type who loves to make early predictions for Oscars, you can go ahead and lock down Emmanuel Lubezki getting another Best Cinematography nomination. If he wins, it'll be his third in a row after Gravity and Birdman.


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