First 'Hobbit' Review, New TV Spot and Further Proof New Zealand Wants to be Middle-earth

First 'Hobbit' Review, New TV Spot and Further Proof New Zealand Wants to be Middle-earth

Nov 29, 2012

Right now everyone is waiting for early word on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey after it premiered in New Zealand earlier this week. While many are holding their reviews until early December, The Daily News did do some dishing on the Lord of the Rings prequel, complimenting the new 48 fps presentation, calling it "eye-popping, similar to discovering HD television for the first time." They also said it's "lighter and funnier" than previous Lord of the Rings movies, and despite comparing one character to Jar Jar Binks, their review concludes by admitting the movie still "runs rings around most special effects-driven blockbusters." So, basically, you don't have to freak out. It's OK. They made a good movie. High five your stuffed Gandalf and continue to count down those seconds till it hits theaters December 14. 

Celebrate this good news by watching a new TV spot for the film.

And finally, further proof New Zealand, like, totally wants to become Middle-earth. First came coinage, then giant statues in airports, and now their weathermen are speaking Elvish. This can't end in any sort of normal way, right?

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