First 'Dream House' Trailer Features Shirtless Daniel Craig and Lots of Spoilers.

First 'Dream House' Trailer Features Shirtless Daniel Craig and Lots of Spoilers.

Jul 21, 2011

Poster for the film Dream HouseIt’s become something of a trend over the past few years for studios to release trailers with spoilers in them. We have no idea why they do this, but it annoys us to no end. That being said, we can’t recall a recent time when we saw a trailer that was more spoilerific than this new clip for the thriller Dream House.

What starts off as a traditional trailer chronicling how Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and their two children move into their dream home only to learn it was the scene of a horrific, unsolved murder where a husband was suspected killing his family quickly veers off into spoiler-land as it reveals the film’s huge, Shyamalan-esque, twist. We’ll not spoil that here, but it’s stunning to think a studio would sabotage their own feature in such a way.

Dream House had a troubled production according to various sources – Cinemablend reports that stars (and real-life husband and wife) Craig and Weisz are so unhappy with the finished film that they may not even do press for it. Meanwhile, rumors abound that director Jim Sheridan essentially lost control of the film and Universal took over. That’s never a good thing. This is a missed opportunity for the studio – film press the world over would have flocked to junkets with Craig and Weisz if for no other reason than to ask them about they fell in love on the set.

Dream House is set to move into theaters this September. Until then, the adventurous amongst you can check out the trailer below. After seeing it, you’ll probably save yourself $10 because you won’t need to pay to watch the full length film. All the pertinent stuff is covered in two minutes: big plot twist, spooky things that may be ghosts, Naomi Watts looking pained, and the obligatory “Daniel Craig with no shirt on” shot are all here. Maybe we should thank Universal for saving us all a few dollars in these tough economic times.  Yeah, that’s the ticket…

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