'John Carter' Director Returns to Pixar Animation for 'Finding Nemo 2'

'John Carter' Director Returns to Pixar Animation for 'Finding Nemo 2'

Jul 17, 2012

Andrew Stanton's first foray into live-action filmmaking was a bit of a disappointment, to say the least. Despite some very vocal support from its fans (myself included) the costly John Carter failed to connect with the mainstream at the box office, resulting in record losses for Disney and the unsurprising speculation that it would be a while before Stanton made another live-action movie. And it turns out those assertions were right. He's heading back to the animated world of Pixar for his next movie, a sequel to Finding Nemo.

Stanton codirected the original 2003 film about the little fish who goes on a big adventure, and Deadline is reporting that he's got an idea for the sequel that Disney is quite excited to jump on. There's no release date planned, so we don't know exactly where the film fits in Pixar's upcoming pipeline. The studio already has Monsters University set for 2013, The Good Dinosaur for 2014 and Up director Pete Docter's untitled movie about the inside of the human mind set for 2015, so it's a pretty packed slate for the next few years.

Will they double up and release two movies in one year? We're betting fans would surely be up for that, but if their movie-a-year track record is on pace, we won't see Finding Nemo 2 until 2016 at the earliest. But you won't have to wait that long to see the adorable little clownfish back on the big screen. Finding Nemo 3D releases on September 14, 2012.

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