Finally, Werner Herzog will Try to Kill Tom Cruise

Finally, Werner Herzog will Try to Kill Tom Cruise

Oct 04, 2011

Werner Herzog

Sometimes you just wish the casting of certain roles had been reversed.  This is one of those times.  

Variety is reporting that director/occasional actor Werner Herzog has been cast as the villain Tom Cruise will try to take down in the Christopher McQuarrie-directed One Shot (based on the Lee Child novel).  And while there is little doubt that Herzog will kill it as The Zec, a man responsible for arranging the five-person murder Cruise's Jack Reacher is investigating, how great would it be if we lived in a bizarro world where Herzog was the hero of the film and Cruise was the villain?  Isn't it just a little too obvious to have a glowering, mad-looking German like Herzog be the big bad guy?

Of course, we'll never live in a world where Herzog is considered a handsome leading man, so we'll just have to settle for living in one where Herzog can get the few acting roles he does.  He's no stranger to being in front of the camera, but unless it's one of his own documentaries (or the fun mockumentary Incident at Loch Ness), most of the time Herzog's screen time is relegated to bit roles in indie films.  So not only will this be his first role in a large scale Hollywood production, it'll also surely be one of his juciest.

One Shot won't hit theaters until February 8th, 2013, so it's going to be a good while before we get to see Cruise vs. Herzog, the greatest showdown we never knew we needed, but now know we can't live without.  So until then, get your Herzog-as-a-crazy-German fix with this clip from The Grand.

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